Local Archaeology

Members of the Dornoch Heritage Society, notably Dr Struan Robertson and the late Jimmie Bell, conducted extensive surveys of local archaeological sites.

The Historylinks Museum catalogue provides a means to access photographs and published works about these local sites.

Recently an informal archaeological group has been formed, with the title The Dornoch Firth Archaeological Group. The Dornoch Firth Group page provides an outline of the group aims and contact details. This page will be updated as the group establishes itself.

A book 'Abandoned Buldings of the Evelix Valley SE Sutherland- Symptoms of the social and economic decline of a Highland Valley' by Dr Struan Robertson and Dr Graham Park is available from the Museum Shop. This publication, produced from the extensive surveys and work by Dr Struan Robertson and the late Jimmie Bell, contains drawings by Struan Robertson, plans with dimensions of sites, hut circles and buildings, panoramic views based on sketches by Struan Robertson, location maps and a selection of colour photographs showing the main sites and buildings in the valley.

Those seeking information on archaeology in the north of Scotland may wish to contact:

North of Scotland Archaeology Society - www.nosas.co.uk or

Archaeology for Communities in the Highlands - www.archhighland.org.uk

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