Board of Trustees

Jerry Bishop
Secretary / Treasurer
Tony Rundle
John Barnes OBE
  Alison Davies
Elizabeth Oakes
  Organisation Chart


Historylinks Museum
The Meadows
Sutherland, IV25 3SF

Telephone: 01862 811275


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Following consent by the Office of the Scottish Charities Regulator (OSCR) on 2 November 2011 to the proposed new Dornoch Heritage SCIO, resolutions were passed at the Dornoch Heritage Society AGM held on 10 November, 2011  to dissolve the Dornoch Heritage Society Trust (Historylinks) and the Dornoch Heritage Society, with transfer of all assets, liabilities and understandings to the DH SCIO.

There was a further AGM resolution accepting the DH SCIO constitution and thereby the incorporation of the Dornoch Heritage Society and Historylinks Museum as SCIO sub committees.

Following this formal AGM acceptance, stage 2 application to OSCR led to the Dornoch Heritage SCIO being entered in the Scottish Charity Register on 22 November 2011.


The purposes of the DH SCIO, in keeping with the Charities Act 2005, are at Clause 4 of the Constitution:

  • 4.1 The advancement of education;
  • 4.2 The advancement of heritage and culture;


Under clause 95 of the DH SCIO Constitution, the Board delegates powers to two sub-committees, to pursue the purposes contained in clauses 104 and 105 (see respective sub committee pages), including the maintenance of their own bank accounts:-

  • 95.1 Dornoch Heritage Society
  • 95.2 Historylinks Museum



  • Charity Trustees 6 Max 3 Min Quorum 3
  • Appointed Trustee(s): Highland Council nomination / specialist(s)
  • 1 x Trustee retires at each AGM but may be re-elected

Sub Committees

  • Dornoch Heritage Society
  • Historylinks Museum
  • Members 8 Max 4 Min Quorum 3
  • At least one member a Charity Trustee who can only serve on one sub committee
  • All members retire at each AGM but may be re-elected


Minutes of DH SCIO Board Meetings

In keeping with Clause 40 of the Constitution of Dornoch Heritage Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (DH SCIO), minutes of DH SCIO Board Meetings are available on this website.

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Historylinks Museum, The Meadows, Dornoch, Sutherland IV25 3SF

Dornoch Heritage SCIO Registered Charity No SC008747