Graves: East Cemetery 2

Family Headstones

Private John Duff

2483 Private John Duff Scottish Rifles 15.6.15

Parents: Alexander and Christina Duff of Birichen, Dornoch

Lcpl P Gordon

240142 Lcpl P Gordon Seaforth Highlanders


In loving memory of William Gordon, Torboll died 25th Feb 1934 aged 86 years. And their sons L/Cpl Peter Gordon (Above) 5th Seaforth Highlanders killed at Rocqincourt, France 9th April 1917. Donald Gordon died 4th Jan 1973 aged 83 years. Also their grandson William A Gordon died in infancy on 26th May 1943.

Herd Brothers

L Sgt James Alexander Herd Seaforth Highlanders 09.04.18

Pte William Herd Royal Highlanders (Black Watch) 03.11.18

Lieut John Bain Herd, Gordon Highlanders 23.09.17

Captain W A MacDonald

Captain William A. MacDonald, Seaforth Highlanders 23.7.18


Sacred to the memory of my beloved husband Captain W A MacDonald (Above), 5th Seaforths who fell in action at Forest of Rheims 23rd July 1918 interred at St Imoges, Eperny. Also his beloved wife Williamina MacKintosh Grant who died at Dornoch 25th June 1965.

Also their son Donald MacDonald, Sheriff Clerk of Sutherland who died 31st March 2002 aged 90 years, dearly beloved husband of Joan (Nannie) Anderson.

Lcpl James Mackay

23358 Lcpl James Mackay MM, Machine Gun Corps 01.11.18


Sacred to the memory of Kenneth MacKay who departed this life 31st March 1954 aged 89 years. His dear wife Johan Sutherland who departed this life 29th Nov 1929 aged 67 years. Their eldest son L/Cpl James MacKay (above), MM, 61st Batt MGC killed in action at Arras 1st Nov 1918 aged 22 years, interred BMC Valenciennes, France. Also James Hay Sutherland who departed this life 8th Aug 1906 aged 66 years. His wife Janet MacKay who departed this life 19th June 1910 aged 81 years. Their daughter Williamina Sutherland aged 9 years.

Private W Matheson

241331 Private W Matheson Seaforth Highlanders 13.11.16


Erected by George Matheson in loving memory of his beloved wife Isabella Murray who died at Dornoch 9th Feb 1925. Also their children Elspeth died 10th Dec 1883, George died 1st May 1906. Walter killed in France 13th Nov 1916. Also the above George Matheson who died 1st March 1931. His son Alexander who died 22nd Jan 1945. His daughter Mary Kennedy who died 11th Sep 1951. And his daughter Helen who died 24th Dec 1975.

Pte Thomas Paul Ross

Pte Thomas (Tom) Paul Ross, Machine Gun Corps 06.10.18

Lance Corporal W Sutherland

240116 Lance Corporal W Sutherland Seaforth Highlanders 25.03.18


In memory of John Sutherland, Town Clerk of Dornoch form 1924-1941 and for 50 years Secretary of the Royal Dornoch Golf Club died 7th Jan 1941 aged 76 years.

His wife Catherine Munro died 23rd May 1939 aged 78 years. Their daughter Christina Isabella died 10th Oct 1907 aged 13 years.

Their only son William died of wounds at Amiens 25th March 1918 aged 19 years. Their daughter Katie died 28th March 1992 aged 96 years. Erected by their daughters Bessie and Katie.

Lieut J F M Sutherland

Lieut J F M Sutherland Seaforth Highlanders

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