Historylinks Museum Committee

Chair Jerry Bishop
Treasurer / Secretary Tony Rundle
  Alison Davies
Heather Martin
Jane Mason
Graeme Muckart
Elizabeth Ritchie
Peter Wild
In Attendance - Curator Lynne Mahoney


The purposes of Historylinks Museum, as defined in Clause 105 of the Dornoch Heritage SCIO Constitution, are:

  • To manage and maintain a museum, known as Historylinks Museum.
  • To preserve the museum collection of objects, taking all measures to prevent deterioration, damage, loss, accidental destruction or unauthorised disposal of such objects.
  • To maintain catalogue records of the museum collection.
  • To review, periodically, the acquisition policy and procedures, exercising due diligence in respect of copyright.
  • To promote public access to the collection by exhibitions, museum displays and the maintenance of the Dornoch Historylinks Image Library website.
  • To promote museum activities conducive to the advancement of research, education, and the heritage of the Dornoch area.
  • To purchase, acquire and obtain interests in the copyright of, or the right to display or publish any material which can be used or adapted for the objects of the museum.
  • To initiate visual and audio material, reports, books, pamphlets and other literature which may be produced for circulation or dissemination, gratuitously or otherwise.
  • To produce, maintain and implement policy and procedure documents to comply with museum grant, accreditation and registration requirements.
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Historylinks Museum, The Meadows, Dornoch, Sutherland IV25 3SF

Dornoch Heritage SCIO Registered Charity No SC008747