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Christmas Shop, Books, Railway, Branded Gifts, Pewter, Tartan & Wool.

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    Christmas Shop
    Tea TowelHistorylinks£6.00
    Christmas Card 2023David Mahoney£4.00

    The Battle of LittleferryPatrick Marriott£7.99
    A History of the Royal Burgh of DornochMichael Hook£12.99
    A Brief History of Dornoch (incl fold-out map)£5.00
    A Policeman's Lot - Dornoch 1874 - 1878£5.95
    Abandoned Buildings of the Evelix ValleyS J T Robertson and R G Park£9.95
    Embo - genealogy, Uncle Sandy's Story and a little historyRona Grigg£0.00
    Scottish RootsAlwyn James£0.00
    Highland Myths & LegendsGeorge W Macpherson£0.00
    The Evelix River - Incorporating The Evelix River Trail S J T Robertson and R G Park£2.99
    The ClansGordon Jarvie£6.99
    The JacobitesAntony Kamm£0.00
    Culloden TalesHugh G. Allison£0.00
    Celtic ScotlandIan Armit£14.99
    The Vikings in East SutherlandBridget Mackenzie£2.00
    Set Adrift Upon the WorldJames Hunter£14.99
    The Scottish Clearances A History of the DispossessedT. M. Devine£12.99
    The Highland ClearancesEric Richards£0.00
    The Highland Clearances TrailRob Gibson£0.00
    The Highland ClearancesGraham Park£0.00
    Andrew Carnegie My Own Story Condensed by Eva March Tappan£7.99
    Donald Ross of Pinehurst and Royal DornochDonald Grant MA FRGS£0.00
    Personal Memories of Royal Dornoch Golf ClubDonald Grant MA FRGS£3.95
    A Brief History of Dornoch CathedralIan Ross-Harper £2.00
    Notable Bishops & Ministers of Dornoch CathedralIan Ross-Harper £2.00
    A Step Through Time£3.95
    On the Crofters' TrailDavid Craig£12.99
    The Gentleman UsherJohn Evans£25.00
    The Summer WalkersTimothy Neat£0.00
    Where's Home?W.A.M. MacKenzie£12.00
    The Makers of ScotlandTim Clarkson£9.99
    A History of ScotlandNeil Oliver£0.00
    The Hammer and the CrossRobert Ferguson£10.99
    North Coast JourneyBrigid Benson£0.00
    Rough Guide to the North Coast 500£8.99
    NC500 Pocket map£0.00
    Scotland of Old Clans Map£0.00
    Tartans Map of Scotland£4.99
    Castles map of Scotland£4.99
    19 Sutherland BridgesAshley Rose£35.00
    The Selkie GirlJanis Mackay and Ruchi Mhasane£0.00
    Horrible Histories Vicious VikingsTerry Deary£6.99
    The Desperate JourneyKathleen Fidler£6.99
    The Boy with the Bronze AxeKathleen Fidler£6.99
    The Secret of the KelpieLari Don and Philip Longson£0.00
    Museums Sticker BookUsborne£0.00
    The Accidental Time TravellerJanis Mackay£6.99
    Winston the Bear and Dragon of the Black FirsCatherine MacCulloch£8.99

    The Dornoch Light Railway DVDHistorylinks Publication (2007)£14.99
    Railway Poster No. 1Dornoch - The Morning Train£4.00
    Railway Poster No. 2Skelbo - Waiting for the Whistle£4.00
    Railway Poster No. 3Cambusavie Level Crossing - Opening the Gates£4.00
    Railway Poster No. 4The Mound - When I Grow Up£4.00
    Railway Poster No. 5Embo - The Train Now Arriving£4.00
    Railway Posters - Set of 5Buy all five posters for the price of 4£16.00
    Lost Stations of the Far NorthHighland Railway Society£9.95
    Spanning the GapsAnne-Marie Paterson£0.00
    Pioneers of the Highland TracksAnne-Marie Paterson£9.90
    The Highland RailwayKeith Fenwick and Howard Geddes£12.99
    The Dornoch Light Railway (booklet)Barry C. Turner£0.00
    Locomotives of the Highland RailwayJ. Christopher and C. McCutcheon£14.99
    Lairds in WaitingAnne-Mary Paterson£9.90
    Child's train whistleHouse of Marbles£4.00
    Rail cards Branch Lines in the HighlandsJoanes Publications£2.50
    Rail cards Inverness to Wick and Thurso Steam Joanes Publications£2.50
    Rail cards Inverness to Kyle Line SteamJoanes Publications£2.50
    Rail cards West Highland Line SteamJoanes Publications£2.50

    Branded Gifts
    Highlands CoasterMuseums Heritage Highland£2.50
    Harbour seal pup£9.00
    Common seal pup£9.00
    Historylinks notepad£1.60
    Historylinks Pen£1.00
    Historylinks pencil£0.50
    Historylinks fridge magnet£0.00
    Cup and ball£3.50
    Wind up train£3.50
    Farm pop ups£3.95
    Fossil dig - fossils£0.00
    Fossil dig -Dino bones£0.00
    Scottish History Ruler£2.00
    Dinosaur Ruler£1.75
    Set of Vikings£0.00
    Ewe and MeArtRocks£10.00
    Solid as a rockArtRocks£15.00
    My family rocksArtRocks£15.00
    cats and birdsArtRocks£15.00
    My best friend rocksArtRocks£17.00

    Durrow Knotwork BroochA.E. Williams£0.00
    8th C Open Knot Brooch£0.00
    Interlaced Knot with Stone Pewter Brooch£0.00
    Dunfallandy Knot Pewter Brooch£0.00
    The Symbol of Eternity Pewter Brooch£0.00
    Open Swirl Pewter Brooch£0.00
    Triple Spiral Pewter Brooch£0.00
    Symbol of Eternity Pewter Brooch with Stone.£0.00
    Shot glass - Highland cowA. E. Williams£0.00
    Shot glass - stagA. E. Williams£0.00
    Shot glass - thistleA. E. Williams£0.00
    Spoon - Mary Queen of ScotsWestair Reproductions£0.00
    Spoon - RomanWestair Reproductions£0.00
    Spoon - TudorWestair Reproductions£0.00
    Torque bangle - ballA. E. Williams£15.00
    Scarf Ring£0.00
    Torque bangle - thistleA. E. Williams£0.00
    Scarf Ring£14.00

    Tartan & Wool
    Scarf - Heart of the Highlands£70.00

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