WW1 They also served

Dornoch District Roll of Honour

(Source Dornoch Cathedral Roll of Honour and museum copy of Dornoch District Roll of Honour Cat No. 2001.206)

Those who served in the Great War 1914 –18


Service Awards
Officer of the Order of the British Empire OBE 2


Awards for Gallantry
Military Cross MC 3
Air Force Cross         AFC   1
Distinguished Conduct Medal  DCM 1
Distinguised Service Medal DSM 1
Military Medal  MM  6
Mention in Despatches       2


ANDERSON J. Lance Corporal Seaforths  
ANDERSON W. G Sergeant Gordons  
ARNEIL ALEX. Private 3rd Camerons  
ARTHUR W H 2nd Lieutenant 5 Res Cav  
BADDON R. Driver Royal Engineers  
BANNERMAN ALEX. Private Seaforths  
BANNERMAN D Private 2/4th Seaforth Highlanders  
BANNERMAN John G LCorporal Seaforth Highlanders  
BENTINCK G A Captain 9th Royal Scots MC
BENTINCK  H J F Lieutenant 5th Seaforth Highlanders  
BIRKENS Alick Private Army Service Corps  
BIRKENS Lachlan Private Scots Fusiliers  
BIRKENS Robert Private Army Service Corps MT
BIRKENS William Corporal 1st Cameron Highlanders  
BIRNIE LEWIS Private    
BREMNER A Lieutenant RAMC  
BREMNER W C Private Seaforth Highlanders  
BROWN C. Sapper Royal Engineers  
BROWN MARY A. Sister Hos. Ship Devanha R.R.C.  M i D
BUDGE W. Sergeant Seaforths  
CAMERON DOUGAL Private So. Afric.  
CAMERON GEO. Private Seaforths  
CAMERON WM. Sergeant Gordons  
CAMPBELL THOS. Private Gordons  
CAMPBELL WM. Lieutenant Seaforths  
CAMPBFLL JAS. Private Army Service Corps M i D
CHISHOLM A. Sapper Royal Engineers  
CLARK WALTER Lance Corporal Lov. Sco.  
COOK F.S. Sergeant Seaforths  
COOKE W. Private R.Army Service Corps  
CORBETT ROBT Private 5th Seaforths  
CORNER W. Lieutenant Seaforths  
COWIE F Corporal 5th Seaforth Highlanders MM
COWIE FRANK Lance Sergeant Seaforths  
COWIE WM. Private 9th Black Watch  
COWIESON Alex Private 11 Royal Scots Fusiliers  
CROMBIE A. Corporal Army Service Corps  
CUMMING DAVID Sapper Royal Engineers  
CUMMING JOHN D. Sapper Royal Engineers  
CUMMING William Cadet RAF  
CURRIE T D Lance Corporal 5th Seaforth Highlanders  
DENOON WM. Sergeant Camerons  
DICKSON H. Warrant Officer Seaforths  
DICKSON J. Lieutenant Seaforths  
DONALD D. Lance Corporal. Seaforths  
DONALD W. S.   R.A.M.C.  
DU N N ET W. Sergeant A.S. C.  
DUFF DAVID Corporal Seaforth Hdrs.  
DUNCAN H. FRASER Private Machine Gun Corps  
DUNCAN JOHN Driver Army Service Corps  
EASTON W. Lieutenant Seaforths  
ECCLES A. Lieutenant Machine Gun Corps  
EWAN D. Private Army Service Corps  
FINLAYSON F W N Captain 11th Gordon Highlanders  
FORBES DONALD Corporal Seaforths  
FORBES HUGH Private Machine Gun Corps  
FORBES JOHN Private 6th Seaforths  
FRASER JOHN Seaman H.M.S. Murdonia  
FREW A Private 5th Seaforth Highlanders  
GAME W. Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery  
GEORGE JOHN Private Seaforths  
GILMORE THOS. F.   Y.M.C.A. In France  
GORDON A. Lieutenant Seaforths  
GORDON ANNIE Nurse S. W. Hospital.  
GORDON HUGH Private Army Service Corps  
GORDON JOHN Private 5th Seaforths.  
GRAHAM GEORGE Driver Army Service Corps  
GRANT ANDREW   Scottish Horse  
GRANT Colin Sergeant RSM Canadian RAMC  
GRANT DONALD Private Seaforths  
GRANT DONALD JAMES Captain Argyll and Sutherland Hldrs. M.C.
GRANT EVAN Private Hampshires  
GRANT George Private 5th Seaforth Highlanders  
GRANT J. Bombadier Royal Garrison Artillery  
GRANT ROBERT Private Highland Light Infantry  
GRANT ROBT.   Monmouth Regt  
GRANT T Sergeant 5th Seaforth Highlanders  
GRAY A Driver Army Service Corps  
GRAY JAS. IMRIE Driver Army Service Corps  
GREEN A. Private Seaforths  
HARDIE T J Lieutenant Camerons Highlanders  
HENDERSON NEIL Lance Corporal. 4th Seaforths  
HERD GEORGE Sergeant Seaforths  
HORNE WM. G. Private Seaforths  
INNES W. H Private Seaforth Hldrs  
JEANS JOHN Private North. Fus.  
LESLIE JESSE Corporal Royal Field Artiillery  
LESLIE JOHN Private Royal Engineers  
MACBETH T Sergeant 2nd Seaforth Highlanders  
MACDONALD GEO. Corporal Army Service Corps  
MACDONALD M. Private Lovat Scouts  
MACDONALD Neil Private 2nd Seaforth Highlanders  
MACDONALD R. D. Private 4th Seaforths  
MACGREGOR A. Aircraftsman R.A.F.  
MACGREGOR DUN. Private Highland Light Infantry  
MACGREGOR JOHN Private Seaforths  
MACINTOSH W. GEO. Sergeant Cameronians M.M.
MACIVER MURRAY Private Army Service Corps  
MACK AY B. McLEAN Private 4th Cameron Hldrs  
MACKAY A Private 5th Seaforth Highlanders  
MACKAY ALEX. Leading Aircraftsman R.A.F.  
MACKAY ALEX. Private Royal Engineers  
MACKAY CHRIS. Private Seaforths  
MACKAY DONALD Private 49th  
MACKAY EWAN Corporal 5th Seaforths  
MACKAY GEO. Private Seaforths  
MACKAY HECTOR Trooper Lovat Scouts  
MACKAY James RNR    
MACKAY JOHN Private Seaforths  
MACKAY JOHN. Private Lovat Scouts  
MACKAY KEN. Seaman R.N.R.  
MACKAY KENNETH Sergeant Seaforths  
MACKAY R. WM. Private Camerons  
MACKAY SIMON Lieutenant Leicester Regiment  
MACKAY W. Sergeant-Major Seaforths  
MACKAY W. J. Lance Corporal. A S.C. M.T.  
MacKAY William RNRT    
MACKAY WM Private Seaforths  
MACKAY WM. Sergeant 5th Seaforths  
MACKAY WM. Private Seaforths  
MACKAY WM. JAS. Private Highland Light Infantry  
MACKENZIE A. J. W. L/Corporal A.S.C. MT  
MACKENZIE ALEX Private 5th Seaforths  
MACKENZIE ALEX. Private Army Service Corps M.T.  
MACKENZIE DON. Private New Zealand  
MACKENZIE HENRY Seaman H.M.S.Tigris.  
MACKENZIE JOHN Private Lovat Scouts  
MACKINTOSH D Private 5th Seaforth Highlanders  
MACKINTOSH JAS. Lieutenant Seaforths M.C.
MACKINTOSH JOH N Sergeant Seaforth  
MACLEAY JOSEPH Private Army Service Corps  
MacLEOD Angus RNR    
MACLEOD ANGUS Private Camerons  
MACLEOD JOHN Major R.A.F acted A.P.C. last two years of war. Ch.D  O.B.E.
MACLEOD MURDO S/Smith Lovat Scouts  
MACLEOD WM. J. Sergeant Lovat Scouts  
MACRAE A. M. Surg. Prob. Marcius  
MACRAE DON. ROSS Lieutenant Seaforths  
MANSON JOHN Gunner Royal Field Artillery  
MANSON WM. Private V.F.  
MATHESON William Private Machine Gun Corps  
MATHIESON A. H. Private Seaforths  
MATHIESON GEO. Private Camerons  
MATHIESON JAS. Private Machine Gun Corps  
MATHIESON JAS. A Private Camerons  
MATHIESON JAS. L. Private Seaforths  
MATHIESON JOHN Private 3rd Seaforths  
MATHIESON JOS. Private Seaforths  
MATHIESON K Private Seaforths  
MATHIESON M. Private Seaforths  
MATHIESON T. S. Private Seaforths  
MATHIESON WM. Private 1st Canadian  
MATHISON A. Private Army Service Corps M.T.  
McBEATH ROBT. Private Royal Scots  
McCULLOCH Alex Private 43rd Canadians  
McCULLOCH D Corporal 6th Seaforth Highlanders MM
McCULLOCH Robert Mechanic RAF  
McCULLOCH William Lance Corporal 5th Seaforth Highlanders  
McGREGOR HECTOR Lance Corporal Army Service Corps  
McHARDY CHAS. Lieutenant Seaforths  
McINNES DONALD Private Army Service Corps  
McINTOSH DAVID Private. Australians  
McKAY ANGUS Lance Corporal Lovat Scouts.  
McKAY HUGH Private 5th Seaforths  
McKAY ROBERT Private Seaforths  
McKAY W. Seaman H.M.S. Emperor  
MENZIES George Private 5th Seaforth Highlanders  
MILNER JAMES Private 2/5th Seaforths  
MORRISON BOYCE Seaman H. M.S. Canada  
MORRISON C. Lieutenant Canadian. D.C.M.
MORRISON R. G. Sergeant 4th Seaforths  
MUNRO ALEX. Private 5th Camerons  
MUNRO DONALD Private Army Service Corps M.T.  
MUNRO DONALD Gunner Royal Field Artillery  
MUNRO J. M. Private Seaforths M.M.
MUNRO JACK Farrier 48th Canadian  
MUNRO JAS. Private Army Service Corps M.T.  
MUNRO M. Private Royal Army Ordnance Corps  
MURRAY ADAM Private Seaforths  
MURRAY ARTHUR Private 1/5th Seaforths  
MURRAY David Corporal 3rd Seaforth Highlanders  
MURRAY HUGH Private Machine Gun Corps  
MURRAY J. GORDON Private Durham Light Infantry  
MURRAY ROBT. Company Sergeant-Major. Seaforths D S.M.
MURRAY THOS. Piper Camerons a
MURRAY W. Corporal Seaforths M.M.
MURRAY WM. Private 1/5th Seaforths  
OMAN w. g, Eng Sub Lieut RNR  
PUNTON George Private Army Service Corps  
RAE Robert Private Machine Gun Corps  
RIDEOUT Arthur Cadet RAF  
RIDEOUT Charles Asst Armourer RAF  
ROSE John Private 25th Canadian F C  
ROSS A. M. Steward H.M.S. Scout  
ROSS Alick Private 5th Seaforth Highlanders  
ROSS CHARLES Corporal Lovat Scouts  
ROSS DAVID Driver Army Service Corps  
ROSS DAVID A. Sergeant Seaforths  
ROSS DONALD Private 8th Seaforth  
ROSS DONALD Private 7th Gordon Highlanders  
ROSS DONALD Private Royal Engineers  
ROSS GEO. Private Gordons  
ROSS GEORGE Private Lovat Scouts  
ROSS GEORGE Private Lovat Scoust  
ROSS HUGH Bomb. Royal Garrison Artillery.  
ROSS JAMES Private 2nd Seaforths  
ROSS JAMES Private R.A.M.C. VF  
ROSS JESSE Gunner Royal Horse Artillery  
ROSS JOHN Private 5th Seaforths  
ROSS JOHN Private Royal Garrison Artillery  
ROSS JOHN Private Seaforths  
ROSS JOHN Seaman H.M.S. Niobe  
ROSS JOHN Sergeant Seaforths  
ROSS MURDO Private 5th Seaforths  
ROSS ROBERT Private Seaforths  
ROSS THOMAS Lance Sergeant Royal Field Artillery  
ROSS WILLIAM Private Seaforths  
ROSS WM. Private Gordons  
ROSS WM. Private Seaforths  
ROSS WM. HUGH Private Seaforths   
ROSS. A. A. Private 4th Seaforths MM.
ROY WILLIAM Private Seaforths  
RUTHERFORD G. C. Major Seaforths  
SHARPE GEO. Private Lovat Scouts  
SINCLAIR WM. Private Lovat Scouts  
SKINNER WM. Private Seaforths  
STEVENS Robert Piper 5th Seaforth Highlanders  
SUTHERLAND D. Private Seaforths  
SUTHERLAND D. Private Black W  
SUTHERLAND D. Private Seaforths  
SUTHERLAND D. Private Seaforths  
SUTHERLAND H. Private Machine Gun Corps  
SUTHERLAND J. Private Gordon Highlanders  
SUTHERLAND J. Lance Corporal. 17th Royal Scots  
SUTHERLAND K. Private Seaforths  
SUTHERLAND ROBT. Private Seaforths  
SUTHERLAND W. A. Private Canadian  
SUTHERLAND WM. Private Gordon Highlanders  
THOM ALEX. H. Private 5th Seaforths  
THOM F. L Corporal    
WATSON Alex M Private Lancashire Regiment  
WATSON Cecil Piper 11th Royal Scots  
WATSON Sutherland Private 4th Gordon Highlanders  
WEIR William Private Army Service Corps MT  
WEIR WM. Private Army Service Corps M.T.  
WILL WM. A. Private Seaforths  
WILLS William Private 3rd Argyll & Sutherland Hldrs  
WOODHOUSE Horace Private 5th Seaforth Highlanders  
YOUNG ANDERSON Private Lovat Scouts  
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