Catalogue & Albums

The museum catalogue is maintained using ADLIB software. During the cataloguing process digital photographs or scanned images are linked to each database record.

To provide the widest possible public access to the complete museum collection, as a second phase to the cataloguing process, there is uploading to the Historylinks Archive of the image and selected data for each Adlib record.

The Historylinks Archive  is interactive providing users with the facility to add comments to image pages and in this way it is hoped that we may gain factual and background information to add to our catalogue data.

A shortcut to albums and other collections is available using the 'Groups' facility shown as a banner tag on the Historylinks Archive home page. Once the initial image in an album or collection has been displayed, the 'Previous Next' links shown at bottom left of the image can be used to 'turn the page'.

As part of the Historylinks cataloguing practice, all loose sheet document acquisitions are scanned to produce portable document format (pdf) files.     Where pdf files are sufficiently small in size, they are made available for download from a 'Document' link at the foot of the description on the Historylinks Archive.    

Access to the Historylinks Archive for Museum Visitors

A computer is available in the museum for visitor access to the Historylinks Archive.

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