Christmas Cards

Sally Wild

Historylinks Christmas Cards from a limited edition painting by Sally Wild 'Geese Over Dornoch'

£3.00 ea

Embo - genealogy, Uncle Sandy's Story and a little history

Rona Grigg

Exploring the origins of Embo village, this facinating book relays stories told to the author by her Uncle Sandy. It also includes a comprehensive list of family trees of the people of Embo.

£15.00 ea

A Policeman's Lot - Dornoch 1874 - 1878

Rescued from a waste skip, the handwritten Dornoch Police Occurrence Book 1874-1878, now transcribed and illustrated (pp 143), provides a fascinating glimpse of the early days of policing in the life of the Highlands and daily life in the Dornoch area.

£5.95 ea

Abandoned Buildings of the Evelix Valley

S J T Robertson and R G Park

About twenty years ago there was an exhibition in the Dornoch Library which depicted the prehistory and history of the communities along the River Evelix, with a detailed mix of text, maps and illustrations. The exhibition encapsulated the extensive surveys and work of the late Jimmy Bell, founding President of the Dornoch Heritage Society, and Dr Struan Robertson. When the exhibition was dismantled it was incorporated in the archives of Historylinks and reassembled and converted into electronic data over a period of years.

In 2008 Dr Robertson and Dr Graham Park co-operated to produce a scientific account of the Evelix Valley, based mainly on the material from the original exhibition. The 'Abandoned Buildings of the Evelix Valley, SE Sutherland - symptoms of the social and economic decline of a Highland Valley' by S J T Robertson and R G Park was launched at a Heritage Society meeting on 16 April 2009. The text is supported by drawings by Struan Robertson, plans with dimensions of sites, hut circles and buildings, panoramic views based on sketches by Struan Robertson, location maps and a selection of colour photographs showing the main sites and buildings in the valley.

£9.95 ea

The Evelix River - Incorporating The Evelix River Trail

S J T Robertson and R G Park

'The Evelix River' book published in May 2012 provides an account of the evolution of a major East Sutherland river from its beginnings about 50 million years ago through the Ice Age up to historic times. It is the result of a field study undertaken by members of Dornoch Heritage Society. The booklet also includes 'The Evelix Trail', with details of 10 localities which may be visited by car or on foot to view significant features of the river course. This publication was funded by a generous bequest in the will of Mrs Margaret Randle, a long-term supporter of the Dornoch Heritage Society in whose memory this book is dedicated, with additional funding provided by the Society.

£2.99 ea

A Brief History of Dornoch (incl fold-out map)

In 2004 Historylinks Museum published 'A Brief History of Dornoch', with historical advice and assistance by Mike Hook, text written by Alison Munro and illustrations by Sally Wild. The publication includes a fold-out map (approximately 620 x 290 mm), marked with sites mentioned in the text. The map is a copy of a limited-edition etching by Ian Westacott and artist produced prints of the original (approximately 1500 x 700mm) are available from the Historylinks Museum.

£5.00 ea

A History of the Royal Burgh of Dornoch

Michael Hook

Published by Historylinks Museum, Dornoch, December 2005 'A History of the Royal Burgh of Dornoch' by Michael Hook.

The previous histories of Dornoch, written by Hector Mackay and the Reverend Charles Bentick in the 1920s, have become the 'official' histories of Dornoch Parish. Michael Hook has not attempted to compete with either work but has borrowed extensively from both books. Where appropriate utilising modern historical research, he has endeavoured to achieve a slightly different perspective to Dornoch's history. He has focused more extensively on the 18th and 19th centuries rather than on the medieval and reformation periods which are covered comprehensively by Mackay and Bentick. Although the work concentrates on the history of the Royal Burgh of Dornoch, events elsewhere are explored and explained in terms of their impact on the town itself. There is one exception. Chapter 4 deals with the effect that the 1745 Jacobite rebellion had on Sutherland as a whole, rather than focusing solely on Dornoch.

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Lost Stations of the Far North

Highland Railway Society

The 60 page booklet covers the impact of the railway closures north of Inverness in 1960, written by Keith Fenwick, Niel Sinclair and Richard R Ardern and published by the Highland Railway Society in June 2010.   Monochrome photographs and map diagrams complement the text.   A colour map on the inside the front cover shows the Dornoch branch line and the front page monochrome photograph is of the last train from Dornoch arriving at the Mound, with a similar colour photograph on the rear cover.

£9.95 ea

The Vikings in East Sutherland

Bridget Mackenzie

Booklet describing how the Vikings came to East Sutherland, with explanation of place names; includes map. ISBN 0-9544253-3-2

£2.00 ea

Evacuation Tarbat Peninsula 1943-4

Dr James A Fallon

This 29 pp booklet, illustrated with monochrome photographs and colour badge images and maps, provides an account of the requisitioning of an area of the Tarbat Peninsula for combined operations training for the D-Day landings.  The comprehensive account concludes with a short outline of the D-Day landing at Gold Beach involving 4th/7th Royal Dragon Guards with ‘swimming’ tanks.

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Andrew Carnegie My Own Story

Condensed by Eva March Tappan

The 143pp book contains a series of chapters, condensed by Eva March Tappan, from The Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie.      It was first printed in 1920, reprinted with monochrome photograph illustrations in 1984 and reprinted for The Carnegie Dunfermline Trust by kind permission of Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston and New York, in 2012

£7.99 ea

Personal Memories of Royal Dornoch Golf Club

Donald Grant MA FRGS

A 48 pp booklet, with monochrome photographs and a foreword by Tom Watson and preface by Herbert Warren Wind, New York City.   The booklet tells the story of the Royal Dornoch from the time of its formation in 1877, the shaping of the Club by John Sutherland, Hugh Hamilton and Donald Ross the great golf architect and its notable characters and events.


£3.95 ea

Donald Ross of Pinehurst and Royal Dornoch

Donald Grant MA FRGS

A 40 pp booklet, with monochrome and colour photographs and monochrome drawings, with a foreword by Frank Moran, President, Association of Golf Writers, Edinburgh 1973, covers the life of Donald Ross, nineteenth century Scotland’s golf heritage, Sutherland and Ross – Mentor and Pupil, Dornoch Golfing 1900-1910, vintage golfers and Golfer and Golf Architect – Mr Ross of Pinehurst.   Printed by the Sutherland Press Golspie 1973

£2.00 ea

A Brief History of Dornoch Cathedral

Ian Ross-Harper

A 16 pp booklet with line drawings providing a concise history of Dornoch Cathedral from 1224

£2.00 ea

Notable Bishops & Ministers of Dornoch Cathedral

Ian Ross-Harper

A 24 pp booklet with line drawings providing accounts of the notable Bishops and Ministers of Dornoch Cathedral from John Bishop of Caithness 1185 to 1213 to The Reverend Susan M Brown, Minister of Dornoch Cathedral 1998 –

£2.00 ea

A Step Through Time

A 71 pp book, with colour and monochrome photographs and illustrations, produced by Parkdean Homes in association with Historylinks Museum.   The book covers the history of Embo, life there in the 20th century and the famous 'Grannies' Heilan Hame'.

£3.95 ea

The Gentleman Usher

'The Gentleman Usher: The Life and Times of George Dempster 1732 -1818' by John Evans published 2005. 

George Dempster was one of the best known and popular Scotsman of his day. He served for 30 years as a Member of Parliament and was Laird of estates at Skibo, Sutherland and Dunnichen, Angus. He used his talents to bring prosperity and jobs to disadvantaged regions of his beloved Scotland. This work is an authoritative addition to the bibliography of Scottish history.

£25.00 ea

The Highland Clearances

Graham Park

A 20 page booklet detailing the Highland Clearances in Southeast Sutherland. With illustrations by Sally Wild.

£2.00 ea

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